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Gamete Donation Program

SEREMAS offers a gamete donation program for those couples who require it.

There are several indications which determine that a gamete donation is the most appropriate procedure for certain patients.

In the case of women, just to mention some of them:

Seremas Those who have already reached menopause or those who suffer from premature menopause.
Seremas Those whose ovaries have been surgically removed.
Seremas Chromosomic abnormalities which jeopardize descendants and which are transmitted systematically.
Seremas Those who do not respond to ovulation stimulation
Seremas Those with recurrent failure in IVF/ICSI procedures where they have not achieved pregnancy.

In the case of men, just to mention some of them:

Seremas Azoospermia. In other words, absence of spermatozoa.
Seremas Chromosomic abnormalities which jeopardize descendants and which are transmitted systematically.
Seremas Immobile spermatozoa, with previous attempts and failure in fertilization.

After having tests results, the couple together with their physician will decide which the best technique is to achieve pregnancy. In other words, if intrauterine insemination, IVF or ICSI will be used.

Spermatozoa Donation can be used in low complexity (Intrauterine Insemination) as well as in high complexity (IVF or ICSI). When the man has non obstructive azoospermia, he has the possibility of getting a testicular biopsy in order to see if his testicle produces spermatozoa or it does not. If we find them, they will be cryopreserved for a future ICSI. If, on the other hand, we do not find them, the couple can consider for the future a technique of sperm donation. Other cases for which donation is indicated, include those where the man produces spermatozoa which are mainly abnormal or with severe failures which prevent them from achieving fertilization of oocytes. This can also be recommended for azoospermic men, in whom after biopsy, we obtain severely morphologically altered spermatozoa and in a very small number. Of course, this will also be indicated when the man shows some genetic alteration of high risk for his descendants.

PROCEDIMIENTOS | Programa de Donación de Gametas

Oocyte ( ovum ) donation aims to achieve pregnancy in women who can not get pregnant since they do not have ovaries, or their ovaries do not produce oocytes or these ones are inadequate or genetically abnormal (recipients).

The alternative of using donated oocytes allows, in the cases mentioned before, increasing the chances of achieving pregnancy and decreasing genetic risks related to the mother’s age or associated with pre-existing disorders in the case the woman is carrier of this kind of anomalies.

Oocyte donation is anonymous and voluntary.

Indications to become an oocyte recipient

Seremas Lack of ovarian activity, menopausic patient.
Seremas Evidence of alteration in the number or quality of oocytes.
Seremas High complexity assisted reproduction techniques recurrent failures.
Seremas To avoid potential genetic diseases transmission.

PROCEDIMIENTOS | Programa de Donación de Gametas
Oocyte Metaphase II

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