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Follicular Aspiration

Follicular aspiration is a procedure that aims to retrieve oocytes from the follicles. It is performed through the puncture of the ovary with a needle which is introduced through the vagina and guided inside the follicles using ultrasound vision. This is an ambulatory procedure which requires local anaesthesia.

The patient must be at the clinic (previous fast for at least 6 hours) one hour before the procedure. Immediately after the oocytes have been obtained, they are classified morphologically and kept in the incubator in dishes which contain a culture medium which have been previously labelled with the patient’s name. Follicular aspiration takes approximately 30 minutes, and after it the patient stays in a recovery room for a variable period which will depend on the requirements there might have been of general anaesthesia.

PROCEDURES | Follicular aspiration
Sequence showing the follicular aspiration

The male partner of the couple can bring the semen sample (obtained through masturbation) from his house or collect it in SEREMAS. If the sample of semen is brought from his house, this one must be delivered to the laboratory ideally within the hour of obtained and kept at temperatures above 20 degrees. Semen must be processed in the laboratory in order to get the sperm and concentrate in culture media (just like the one used for oocytes), a sub-population of motile spermatozoa which, in the mentioned culture, will acquire fertilization capacity. Those men who have difficulty in obtaining the sample or will be travelling, etc, have the chance to cryopreserve one prior to the procedure in case it becomes necessary.

After follicular aspiration, the woman can experience a light abdominal pain which decreases with the use of analgesics and disappears within the day. There might also be a vaginal bleeding. However, if she has fever, acute pain, or excessive bleeding, she must inform her doctor immediately.

Since the day of the follicular aspiration the woman receives daily hormonal support with Progesterone.

The most common way to administer it can be intra-muscular or vaginal, there is also micronized progesterone which is used orally. The hormonal supplement is kept daily until pregnancy is detected. If the woman is pregnant, the progesterone supplement is continued for other five weeks. Even if it is not totally proven, there is evidence which suggests that embryo implantation and the chances to keep pregnancy are improved with the use of supplementary progesterone.

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