Santiago Brugo Olmedo M.D.
Medical Director
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In a cordial environment and with excellence as a guide, a team of highly qualified professionals assists disorders of Reproductive Medicine, Aging male, Andrology, Gynecology, Urology and Endocrinology with last generation equipment.

SEREMAS counts on a Laboratory of Assisted Reproduction at the best international level; with positive pressure system through injection of filtered air by ABSOLUTE H.E.P.A. gases absorption and high efficiency filters, which gives the atmosphere 1000 particle purity, not only in the Laboratory but also in the embryo transfer room, making SEREMAS the only Centre which offers these conditions in the country.

All this, plus the most modern equipment and the widest experience of professionals in charge of the different techniques, gives as a result the highest quality in service.

Our facilities are available for you to practice any kind of Assisted Reproduction Technique, performing it yourself or referring your patient.

SEREMAS is a Reproductive Medicine Center that offers our colleagues the chance to continue as the patient’s primary care physician and to use the Center facilities, giving both doctor and patient, excellence in service.

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