Santiago Brugo Olmedo M.D.
Medical Director
Seremas Medicine for men and women
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SEREMAS opened its doors with a clear and defined objective: to offer its patients all the modern science resources to make the dream of having children come true, applied by specialists recognized in Argentina and abroad.

“In his book “It is Also Men’s Issue, the causes of male infertility”, Santiago Brugo Olmedo, Director of SEREMAS, affirms that “knowing what we choose is the only way to decide with freedom”. That is why in SEREMAS we practise medicine, investigation and also education, giving our patients all the information which allows them to recognize their infertility problems and the most suitable methods to solve them.”

In SEREMAS we expect patients will feel really safe with the doctor they have chosen to help them go through the following steps and with confidence and support they deserve.

To keep a high sense of ethics and responsibility in treatment with patients and in procedures with embryos at the embryology laboratory are also main goals in SEREMAS.

Passion for what we do is a main characteristic of SEREMAS.

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