Santiago Brugo Olmedo M.D.
Medical Director
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In August 2006 SEREMAS, Medical Center for Men and Women founded by Santiago Brugo Olmedo, M.D. and Sabrina De Vincentiis, M.Sc. opened its doors.”

SEREMAS started to work as a Center devoted to medical, educational and scientific activity, with the strong objective of standing out in Argentina and in Latin America.

In a cordial environment and with excellence as a guide, a team of highly qualified professionals assists patients with disorders of Reproductive Medicine, Aging male, Andrology, Gynaecology, Urology, Endocrinology, Sexual Dysfunction and Psychology, with last generation equipment.

SEREMAS counts on a Laboratory of Assisted Reproduction at the best international level; with positive pressure system which allows working with the highest environmental purity, not only in the Laboratory but also in the embryo transfer room, making SEREMAS the only Centre which offers these conditions in the country. All this, plus the most modern equipment and the widest experience of professionals in charge of the different techniques, results in the highest quality in service.

SEREMAS also counts on a team of professionals for the area of Aging Male, thinking about all the problems it brings to men nowadays, with specialities like Andrology, Urology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, among others, for specialized assistance to men at that stage of their lives.

In SEREMAS not only do we support excellence in medical assistance as a main value, but also warmth in our treatment. You will find here professionals you can rely on and with whom you will feel comfortable.

Brugo Olmedo’s twenty five years in the field of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology have been highly useful to understand that the best way to recognise, treat and solve patients’ disorders, is through support, excellence in the quality of service given and passion for what we do.

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