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Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer to the uterus is an ambulatory procedure which is performed in a surgery-room, with no need of analgesia or anaesthesia. This procedure takes about 15 minutes and it consists of placing the embryos inside the uterus cavity. In order to achieve it, physicians use a thin, inert, plastic tube called “catheter”. This one is introduced through the uterine cervix and once inside the cavity, embryos are placed in the uterus.

48 hours two cells embryo
48 hours four cells embryo

72 hours five cells embryo
72 hours eight cells embryo

The process of the embryo implantation starts on the sixth or seventh day of fertilization. In this way, if embryos are transferred on the second or third day, they must continue their development in the uterus fluid before they get in touch with the endometrium and start implantation.


In some cases the transfer can be done into the Fallopian tubes. If this is the case, it will be done via laparoscopy and therefore, fast is needed since the patient will receive general anaesthesia. After transfer, the patient will stay in bed for a short period of time.


After the transfer, the patient should stay in bed for approximately 48 hours. Some women show a light bloodish discharge after the transfer. This is normal and should not worry. Twelve days after the transfer, a hormone (βhCG) can be measured in the woman’s blood, and this allows us to state the presence of pregnancy. This hormone duplicates its value every 1.5-2 days. Therefore, serial measurements can give useful information related to the quality of gestation before being visible by ultrasound. Transvaginal ultrasound allows us to visualize a gestational sac inside the uterus, 21 days after the embryo transfer.

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