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High Complexity Assisted Reproduction Techniques

Indications for assisted reproduction technique

Procedures Tubal Obstruction
Procedures Severe alteration in spermogram
Procedures Mild/Severe endometriosis
Procedures Immunological factor with high antibodies titles
Procedures Alteration in ovulation
Procedures Unexplained Infertility

Basic steps for IVF and ICSI techniques are:

Procedures Previous studies
Procedures Preparation of cycle and ovarian stimulation
Procedures Oocyte (eggs) retrieval through aspiration
Procedures Sperm sample collection and preparation
Procedures Insemination / microinjection of oocytes
Procedures Visualization of Fertilization
Procedures Embryo Transfer
Procedures Post-Transfer follow up and recommendations

PROCEDIMIENTOS | Técnicas de Reproducción Asistida de Alta Complejidad

Working station for oocyte pick up,
semen preparation and embryo handling:
warm stages, scope and dishes.



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