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Embryo Cryopreservation

SEREMAS offers this possibility, providing the couple wishes to do so, and in case there are enough fertilized oocytes or embryos to cryopreserve. In this way, counting on the possibility of choosing the best embryos to transfer and cryopreserving the rest of them, results of the treatment get improved, and risk of multiple pregnancy decreases. Besides, it allows another treatment without stimulating ovulation again.

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When we talk about embryos cryopreservation the first thing that should be clarified is that as well as gametes, embryos show differences in quality. This means that the “cohort” of spermatozoa, oocytes and embryos, is heterogenic and there might be some of them with very good quality and others without such good one.

Knowing this, a clue to be able to perform a transfer of good embryos after an IVF or ICSI is based on selection. In other words, having more embryos than those to be transferred, we can, after selecting the best ones, transfer them and cryopreserve the rest.

It has been described in literature numerous times that good quality embryos have more chances of achieving pregnancy.

Approximately 65% of embryos usually have good quality, whereas the other 35% will have inefficient quality.

If the couple has decided not to cryopreserve, beyond the quality of mature oocytes retrieved, only a few of them will be used in order to assure fertilization and therefore obtain the necessary embryos to transfer. So, as there would not be margin enough to select, those embryos obtained will be transferred, whether they have good quality or not. On the other hand, if the couple decides to cryopreserve and besides can do it because they have had several mature oocytes, and moreover fertilization has been good enough to origin more embryos than those necessary to transfer, we will be able to choose the best ones and preserve the rest for a future transfer. In other words, the most important objective of embryos cryopreservation is to be able to perform a transfer of the embryos with more potential of development and the chance of another transfer without undergoing the whole procedure once again.

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