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SEREMAS is a site of information and communication which offers information related to health on the Internet, depending on your acceptance of terms and conditions of use of this agreement.

SEREMAS keeps the right to modify this agreement at any time, and those modifications are effective immediately when announcing the modified document.

This information does not intend to replace the medical professional’s advice. If you have any question regarding a medical condition or its treatment, you should always look for advice from your physician or any other health care provider.

The only purpose of this site is to give health information for public welfare; and this does not intend in any way to replace your medical advice, give medical advice, do diagnosis or provide treatment. Always look for your physician’s advice or any other medical provider for any question regarding a medical condition, and before starting a new treatment, diet, or attitude program.

The relationship between you and SEREMAS is not a doctor-patient relationship. This site contents information, data, advice, text and other (“Content”), compilated from a variety of sources.

This Content is provided for your convenience and only tries to inform the consumer about subjects related to health care.
No content on this site intends, and should not be taken for medical practice, to be health care advice, diagnosis or medical treatment.

SEREMAS does not recommend you to self-diagnose or treat health problems. The content is not exhaustive and does not cover all illnesses, ailments, physical conditions or their treatments.

The Content must not be considered complete or the most updated one. You must never disregard medical advice or delay it due to something you have read here.

When SEREMAS offers products or services on this site, it does not endorse or guarantee any product or service and is neither part of, nor supervises, any transaction between users and providers of these products or services.

SEREMAS does not guarantee this Site will be free of mistakes, delays, interruptions or losses, even the loss of data, or that all mistakes will be corrected.

In the case some inaccurate fact might take place on this Site, please inform it to

In many cases, information available through this site only represents opinions and judgment of the Information Providers or users of this Site, and it is not responsible for accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement made on this Site by any person.

It is your responsibility to evaluate accuracy, integrity or utility of any information, opinion, advice or other available content through this Site.

We are authors of most of the images shown and the rest of them are extracted from different sources and free from royalties, if you consider otherwise, please inform us.

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