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Hysteroscopy consists of the placement of an optics (hysteroscope) inside the uterus through the vagina, this means, via endoscopic, without any incision. In this kind of surgery, polyps and also myomas can be removed, as well as uterine synechias can be solved.

When myomas grow inside the uterus, they can deform the cavity and therefore become a cause of sterility or spontaneous abortion. In these cases, they will be removed via hysteroscopy.

Polyps are also benign, but with their origin in the tissue covering the inner part of the uterus (endometrium) and in general must be surgically corrected by hysteroscopy.

Synechias are scars left in the endometrium which are, in general, the consequence of previous curettage. These synechias are adhesions among parts of the uterus which cause sterility or miscarriage and must be corrected via hysteroscopy. Many times, the patient with synechias has little or even no menstruation.

The patient stays confined only for some hours and most of times she can continue with her normal activity on the following day.

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