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Electroejaculation for neurological disabled patients

CIRUGIA | Electroeyaculación para pacientes discapacitados neurológicos

Necessary instruments to obtain ejaculation in
patients who are unable to ejaculate

Absence of ejaculation

Which are the causes?

There are different affections that may lead a patient to be unable to ejaculate. Some of them, the most frequent ones, have a neurological origin, and some others have a psychological one.

The patient experiences orgasm or not, but in no case is he enable to ejaculate.

This may happen since his first sexual intercourses or it can be a disease which starts later.

The most frequent anejaculation has neurological origin.

At the same time, there are two different situations: on one hand, there are patients who have suffered an accident which cut their spinal cord and have paraplegia or quadriplegia which prevents them from walking and in most cases, from ejaculating.

On the other hand, there are men who have been operated because of abdominal tumors and have been cured, but have become unable to ejaculate as an undesired consequence of the surgery.

Can anejaculation be psychological?

Yes, there are patients who suffer from a kind of neurosis which prevents them from ejaculating, although in general they do experience orgasm.

What can be done?

For neurological cases, we can start with certain oral medication which can help the patient to be able to ejaculate.

In general, it is antidepressive medication which is not indicated for that reason, but because it improves ejaculation as a side effect.

If medication has not been enough, we will use vibrators, which applied near the penis head or the perineal zone, may cause ejaculation.

But the most efficient method is, with no doubts, electrostimulation.

What is electrostimulation?

It is a method where we pass certain, small and controlled electric energy in the prostatic zone, through a rectal electrode, and we get the patient to ejaculate in very few minutes, and in practically every case.

If the patient has a complete medullar section cut, there is no need to use any kind of anaesthesia. In those cases where anejaculation is caused by another type of neurological damage, as we have already explained, or has a psychological origin, we will have to use general anaesthesia.

Psychological anejaculation must be treated psychologically in the first place, and only if this treatment fails, we will use electrostimulation.

Once semen is obtained, we will prepare spermatozoa for an assisted reproduction technique, which will be low or high complexity depending on the obtained spermatozoa quality and the woman’s conditions.

Is there a special recommendation for these cases?

It is essential, in neurological disabled patients, that urine keeps clear, free of infection, because the spermatozoa quality may be highly affected.

Do they have good prognosis?

Prognosis is very good, depending essentially on the woman’s age.

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